These two articles give an interesting perspective on the noise problems in Los Angeles County: Noise Perspectives LA and Helicopter Noise Problems.


The Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition, who represented Los Angeles area residents in recent talks with the FAA and pilots, strongly disagrees with the FAA’s Significant Progress Report on the Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative. The FAA recommends that stakeholders continue the collaborative engagement. However, despite a lot of time and hard work, our members don’t see any hope of getting helicopter operators to agree to voluntary flight practices to reduce noise in the foreseeable future. Unless helicopter pilots are willing to significantly modify their positions and agree to voluntary measures that would truly reduce noise, we feel that there is no point in prolonging the talks.

For more details, please click on the following document links:
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FAA Significant Progress Report on the Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative
Section 119D of the Act of Congress
Local Government Supporters of Helicopter Noise Relief
Appeals Court Decision — HAI v. FAA
FAA Advisory on Altitude for Noise Abatement


The system is for everyone across Los Angeles County. Please report all low-flying, hovering, noisy, or annoying helicopters, whether they are tour, media, police, fire, or other helicopters. All complaints are logged and reviewed. So, use this unique opportunity to ensure that the Federal Aviation Administration and our elected officials understand the severity of the helicopter problem countywide. You are part of the solution that we need to fix this problem once and for all.

There are three different ways you can report helicopter noise:

  1. Call 424-348-4354 (that’s 424-348-HELI) and follow the voice prompts
  1. Use the website Reporting Form at http://heli-noise-la.com/how-to-use/
  1. Track a specific helicopter and report it at http://heli-noise-la.com/webtrak/

Watch a video on using the system at Complaint System Video

Send the Complaint System Flyer to your friends and neighbors. Or, print the flyer and distribute in your neighborhood or at meetings.

The Federal Aviation Administration developed the complaint system and is funding its initial operation from April 2015 through March 2016. LAAHNC provided input on the system to the FAA, in association with pilots groups. The support of Congressman Schiff, Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, and other Congressional members continues to be invaluable in getting this system operational and diminishing the impact of helicopter noise on residents of Los Angeles County.

Congress Strongly Disappointed with FAA’s Lack of Demonstrated Progress

On March 24, 2014, two Senators and six Congressmembers submitted a letter to the FAA expressing their concern with the lack of progress on reducing helicopter noise in Los Angeles County.

FY14 Appropriations Bill Includes Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Provision

The FY14 Appropriations Bill approved by Congress and the President in January 2014 includes the following rider language on helicopter noise in Los Angeles which says that the FAA must begin developing helicopter noise regulations at the end of 2014 if voluntary measures have not worked.  See our LAAHNC Legislation Support Letter for further information.

Sec. 119D. The Secretary shall (1) evaluate and adjust existing helicopter routes above Los Angeles, and make adjustments to such routes if the adjustments would lessen impacts on residential areas and noise-sensitive landmarks; (2) analyze whether helicopters could safely fly at higher altitudes in certain areas above Los Angeles County; (3) develop and promote best practices for helicopter hovering and electronic news gathering; (4) conduct outreach to helicopter pilots to inform them of voluntary policies and to increase awareness of noise sensitive areas and events; (5) work with local stakeholders to develop a more comprehensive noise complaint system; and (6) continue to participate in collaborative engagement between community representatives and helicopter operators: Provided, That not later than one year after enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall begin the development of regulations related to the impact of helicopter use on the quality of life and safety of the people of Los Angeles County unless the Secretary can demonstrate the effectiveness of actions taken under the previous proviso to address helicopter noise.

There Are Solutions To This Problem and LAAHNC Is Working On Them!